Q: How often should you clean your furnace and ducts?


A: We recommend cleaning the furnace and ducts every two years. However, if your home has multiple pets, people who suffer from allergies, or you live in a dusty area, we recommend having them cleaned every year.

Q: What should I do to to prepare for the cleaning?

A: If you could please make sure all of the rooms are accessible and the vents in them are visible. This way we can clean them properly. Also if you can clear the furnace area the and the stairwell leading down that would be very helpful.

Q: What type of system do you use? Portable vacuum vs. Duct Truck

A: We use the 220 Volt HyperVac Hybrid vacuum and it offers 5000 cfm of suction. After running the hose from the truck outside to the furnace area, the suction is comparable to what many duct trucks provide.

Large truck mount systems require a large 8 – 10” hose to run through your door or window. This allows the heat to escape in the winter and the cool air to escape in the summer. Also the vacuum is only 22” in diameter so it fits through any doorway and can be taken apart into 3 pieces for tight spaces.

Q: Why is there an extra fee for systems with central air conditioning?


A: The air conditioning coil is located above your furnace's heat exchanger and therefore all the dust and debris is blown through the coil when your HVAC system runs. To clean the AC coil correctly it takes our technicians extra time and supplies to do so. We make sure this coil is cleaned of all dust and debris by using compressed air. If this coil does not get cleaned it can lead to costly breakdowns. 

Q: What separates you from the other furnace and duct cleaning companies?

A: Many of our competitors offer several different services which can lead to unqualified technicians doing the work for you. Our only scope of practice is furnace and duct cleaning which sets us apart. We are true specialists in the industry. We employ honest and experienced technicians who use the latest furnace and duct cleaning tools and equipment. Airdrie Furnace & Duct Cleaning Ltd is a QUADCA certified (Qualified Airduct Cleaners Affiliation). We follow the guidelines and practices outlined by the association so you can feel confident the job will done the right way. For more information visit www.quadca.com  

Q: Can we have our ducts cleaned if it is cold outside?

A: A common misconception about duct cleaning in Alberta is when the temperature dips to -20 degrees Celsius it's too cold to get your ducts cleaned! With the HyperVac vacuum system we use that it is not the case! Our portable vacuum system comes right into your home's furnace area and attaches directly to your duct system. This eliminates the traditional vacuum hoses which typically hold the door open throughout the cleaning process. Only when temperatures dip below -25 degrees Celsius will we have to reschedule your appointment.