Hyper Vac Hybrid 5000 cfm Vacuum
CastAir Compressor

The 220 Volt HyperVac Hybrid portable vacuum is by far the best portable on the market. At full power it runs at 5000 CFM and provides more than enough suction to get the job done. It is brought right to your furnace room so there isn't a giant hose running through your home.


The 220 Volt Hybrid offers double the suction of most other portables because it runs on 220 Volt power. We have three different options to power the vacuum. A dryer plug is most commonly used but in some cases it's inaccessible. As an alternative we have a stove plug adapter and also a 220 Volt Splitter Box. 

One of the best features of the HyperVac Hybrid is the fact the doors or windows do not have to be wide open. This is especially handy when it's cold outside! Nobody wants to freeze while their furnace and ducts are getting cleaned.

For more information please visit www.hypervac.com


The Cast Air compressor is preset to run at a consistent 175 PSI. An air hose is attached and used to clean every component of your system. 

All of our air tools utilize this air pressure to stir up the dust and debris in your system so the vacuum can take it away.