If your dryer vent opening looks anything like the vent

pictured,it should be cleaned ASAP! 

Once the dryer lint starts to build up, the dreaded snowball effect occurs and can lead to inefficiencies and potentially even a fire. We have the proper tools and procedures to professionally remove all the lint debris from the vent

Tips on how to achieve optimal air flow and reduce lint build-up

Keep your dryer lint free by cleaning the lint screen or filter before or after each load of clothes.

• A dryer should not be operated if it does not have a lint screen or filter.

•Clean the back of the dryer, where lint can be trapped.

• If you notice the drying time is longer, clean dryer vents thoroughly to ensure proper airflow.

• Keep your exhaust pipe as short as possible and try to avoid bending the pipe which can restrict airflow.

• Use a flap vent that will open when the dryer is in use and close when it is off.