The first step in cleaning a commercial HVAC and duct system is to rid the RTU's (Roof Top Units) of all dust and debris using 175 PSI of air pressure. Once all components of the RTU's are clean from dust and debris, the unit(s) are given a thorough wipe down. Units are powered off during the entire process.

HyperVac Hybrid Vacuum connected to duct

Once the RTU's are cleaned, we head inside where our HyperVac Hybrid portable vacuum will be connected to the duct work. The dust from each diffuser vent is cleaned using high air pressure. In combination with the vacuum suction, all the dust is forced into the main ducts. Our double cleaning method is then employed to clean the main duct work so all the dust and debris ends up inside the vacuum. Air intake grates and associated ductwork are cleaned also. RTU's are turned back on and a light sanitizer is in sprayed into the ductwork to kill bacteria. All access holes are professionally sealed with tin tape and/or metal plates and screws.