Less Dust
Cleaning your furnace will reduce the amount dust in your home saving you time cleaning.
Removes Pet Hair/Dander
Cleaning The Air Ducts Will Remove Pet Hair/Dander
Good For Maintence
Vital components coated with dust could eventually cause your system to breakdown.
More Effecient
A blower motor and fan covered in dust and debris will decrease the efficiency for your furnace.
Better Airflow
For ideal airflow it is important to clean inside the heat exchange to remove all dust and debris.
Removes Harmful Debris
Debris inside furnace air ducts can block air from reaching areas in your home.
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 Why Should You Have Your Furnace & Ducts Cleaned?

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Health Benefits

The Air You Breathe

Just like outdoor air pollution, poor indoor air quality can cause serious health problems. When we breathe in an abundance of dust, mould spores, fungi and bacteria, these contaminants can negatively affect us in a number of ways. For those who have asthma, and or other respiratory conditions, difficulty breathing is a common result.

It’s even possible for fully healthy people to experience flu-like symptoms including fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, headaches, and nausea when the air is polluted with contaminants. 

Having your ducts cleaned inside your home and work space can help reduce these symptoms.